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We upgrade the wordPress core, latest supported plugin and theme

It’s very important to have the latest WordPress core updated for you to have access to those compatible and supported plugins and even the theme. It’s also highly recommended for security reasons.

Outdated wordPress websites can be very slow, unsecured and can shrink your google ranking to the bottom that leads your customers to turn away and look for your competitor website.

It may sound easy to update the wordPress core and its plugins but it’s not always the case. Some wordpress websites can’t be easily updated to the latest version in just one click in the backend for some specific reasons and sometimes breaks your website. One of the reasons we experienced is because of the outdated PHP version that implicates your wordpress core, plugins and theme upgrade.

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Here are the features and services you can choose from depending on your needs.

Updated wordPress Core, Plugins and Theme

If you needs some help in upgrading whole wordPress experience and overall functionality or a certain feature or a specific plugin, We can help make your WordPress site reach its full potential.

Improve website performance

Say goodbye to a laggy website. Outdated wordPress website with a slow agonizing speed is a big turn off and could lose you potential subscribers and customers. Site speed is a very important criteria in maintaining a website, and there are various ways to increase the performance of your WordPress site.

Be Secured

Be confident with your WordPress site. Outdated wordPress website can be very vulnerable for attacks. The installation and configuration of appropriate and trustworthy security plugins will protect your WordPress site from vulnerability to spams, hacking exploits, and other malicious attacks. The use of up-to-date security solutions ensures hardened network, server, file and database protection.

Automated Backups

Prevent losing all your precious data. Having an automated backup solution allows your entire site, including the database and all the important files, to be kept safe, based on your preferred schedule and occurrence.

Page Rank Boost

Improve your site’s Google Ranking. Incorporating all the essential factors such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, content and keyword control, and other tools and techniques, can dramatically increase the search rank and relevance of your WordPress site.

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Jun is highly knowledgeable in the web development field. He is not only self-motivated, but able to rally his team to strive for better. Glad to work with him on some projects as he understands the clients' needs and able to deliver projects that meet specifications.

Thanks for everything, yes the site looks great! We are all very happy about it. We love it! We can't wait to launch it and start doing business. I'm really happy with your great service Jun, your's and your whole team. You guys are great!

Jun’s work is excellent, his coding is clean and controlled, while his ability to comprehend a brief makes his results efficient. Jun gets the job done in a timely manner, and is open to discussion during the project. I value that his communication is regular, concise, relevant and productive. I have used Jun on a number of occasions and have always been pleased with the results, and the ease of process.

Jun carried out some great web development work. I am pleased with the results and would recommend him to other people!"

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